Freelance Travel Writer


If you need a freelance travel/content writer for websites or print editions, you are in the right place.

No plagiarism, SEO included.

Freelance Travel Writer

With such an amount of online content that circulates today, it is not unexpected that a lot of information is incorrect, incomplete, or copied. The problem gets even more serious having in mind that Google punishes websites with such content by not displaying them in search results. And that’s a disaster for any online business!

Another thing that is extremely important when it comes to writing for websites is to incorporate at least a basic SEO. Search Engine Optimization provides you with content that Google recognizes that will make your site pop up in search results. A good website content writer knows the difference between writing for a print edition and a website.

Why work with a freelance travel writer? When hiring an agency, you hardly ever speak to a person who actually writes your content. That is why collaboration with a freelance writer is more than welcome – all the issues can be discussed directly.

freelance content writer


  • A high-quality article 
  • In-depth researched post
  • An original copy, no plagiarism
  • An engaging content
  • Basic SEO
  • Quick delivery
  • Accurate and on time
  • Direct communication

freelance writers wanted?

Given that working online has become popular in recent years, a lot of unprofessional and inexperienced people tend to apply for jobs with ads saying ‘freelance writers wanted’. I heard a lot of unfortunate stories from clients who had pretty disturbing experiences. Some of them hired me to do the work all over again after their ‘freelance writers’ made so many mistakes that just couldn’t be corrected. That is why it’s extremely important to work with someone you trust.

Well, I write my own travel blog at Glimpses of the World, and while traveling and creating content for myself, my blog posts, and social media – I also provide services in content writing (not only travel-related), writing guidebooks, creating Pinterest graphics, designing various promotional material in Canva, etc.

It’s only natural that the person who does all this for a living and enjoys doing it will provide a better service in travel writing. It’s also understandable that I can relate to the audience better than other people who write about travel, given that I, let’s say – travel for a living.
Yes, I love editing my own photos for Instagram and designing pins for my Pinterest account. As a journalist, I am used to dealing with deadlines, I am accurate, I double-check my data, I am dependable, and always on time.
And I love what I do!

Also, let me share my Fiverr Platform experience where not only am I collaborating with various international clients from the US and Europe but I was also hand-picked by the Fiverr Team and upgraded to PRO. Check out the image below.

Danijela Travel Writer


  • Travel eBOOKS AND GUIDEBOOKS writing about any country, city, or region – you name it, I’ll write it 🙂
  • Creating DIGITAL BROCHURES adjusted to mobile phones’ screens (in PDF), easy to use
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER for Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Pinterest pins and other PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL designing (in Canva)
  • Consulting in tourism, ANALYSES & CONSULTING about an online promotion of your company


Click on the link below to see PDF brochures for mobile phones I created for the West Serbia Tourism Organization (only available in Serbian)

Travel writer

Ever since I started to write about traveling and tourism, I also began collaborating with other businesses in the industry. Some clients were interested in travel writing, others were offering their own services in exchange for a link on the blog and a mention on social media. I am proud to have been able to collaborate with airline companies, travel agencies, hotels, car rentals, etc.


Not only were my posts shared by the official tourism organizations of Malta, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, etc., but I was also hired to write the content for all the brochures for the West Serbia Regional Tourism Organization in the past few years. (One of them can be downloaded for free when signing in to the blog’s newsletter via the Home Page.)

Don’t hesitate to get in touch so that we can discuss any project ideas you might have.


Click on the links below to see the book I wrote that was published at the beginning of 2024 (available in English and Serbian)


These prices are posted roughly, given that I usually create the budget according to the specific client I work with and the amount of work the project requires. Regular customers always get discounts!
  • Basic: 500-word post with one focus word (delivery in 3 days) –  75
  • Standard: 750-word post with one focus word (delivery in 3 days) –  115
  • Premium: 1000-word post with two focus words delivered in 3 days –  150


  •  The price for writing a travel eBook depends on the number of words/pages and material required/provided. Since such a guidebook is often about 20K words long, the price will range between 1,500 and 2,500. I can add specific links if needed, and mention certain establishments, hotels, and tours. Also, by ordering an eBook writing service, you become the sole owner of the copyrights, or I can sign the work and remain a legitimate author, it is up to you.


  • The price will vary depending on the number of posts per week, content you would want me to create (post, story, or reel), communication with followers, promo help you would need with Meta ads, etc.


  •  Digital brochures for mobile phones are increasingly popular. A customer downloads it once and can use it without having to be online all the time. Nevertheless, I can add links if needed. These brochures are responsive and easy to use.
  • Price: €180 per brochure of about 10 PDF pages. Design, copy, links, GPS locations, and photographs provided by free online platforms are included. A client can also provide photos.


  • Pinterest graphic designs depend on the number of pins you may need (for example 2 pins for 15, 10 for 40)
  • Flyers and other promotional material are created following your brand colors and fonts if applicable. The price varies according to the number of pages and design intricacy.

Please contact me via the Contact Form or send an email to with more details. Feel free to present any other ideas you may have regarding our future collaboration, especially if they are not listed above.

Here you can see my Media kit.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Danijela Ćirović