Discover interesting places through some of the best travelogues.
These DIGITAL travel books will make you feel as though you have seen it all for yourself.

Why a Travelogue

There are so many travel guides available online but we all know that to get to know the place, one needs to go there and experience it. When you read the fact that some city’s population is 2 or 12 million, it doesn’t get you anywhere – it doesn’t mean that you are going to like its food or that you know how it feels to chat with locals.

And those are the facts that every regular guide has, right? (Don’t get me wrong, I like to have my facts laid out as well.)

But what if you can get all the necessary info but also an insight into a taste, smell, or an atmosphere?

That is when a travelogue jumps in!

Travel Anecdotes

One of the main differences between a travelogue and a travel guide is a genuine experience. It offers the opportunity for readers to discover the place through someone else’s eyes, even to „taste“ that croissant or to almost hear that call for prayer from a minaret.

Some of the best travel books are full of interesting travel anecdotes that make you jump up and down in anticipation. What better way to learn about the world from your sofa than by reading great travel stories! Interestingly enough, all the info will stick easily. It’s not hard to learn facts about the place when they are wrapped in a dazzling travel anecdote.

eBook Travel Guides

And one other thing. Why should one get an eBook travel guide instead of a hard copy? Needless to say, the book of travel stories in your laptop, tablet, or phone doesn’t weigh much and it won’t go over your baggage allowance.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to wait for shipping because these digital travel books are delivered shortly after the actual payment. You can read them whenever you like and you won’t need to be online to do so. You won’t even need an extra lamp by the bad for that matter.

If you like travelogues, this is the place for you. Just make sure to get an eBook full of travel anecdotes, and you will have a blast.

Enjoy the journey!