Jordan Brochure


There are a few places in Jordan one just has to see when coming to the Middle East. Read about what not to miss in this DIGITAL Jordan travel brochure.

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If you are wondering about things to see in this Middle Eastern country, here is a digital Jordan travel brochure with all the must-see places. Of course that Petra is on your bucket list given that it is one of the wonders of the ancient world but did you know that there is a well-preserved Roman city in Jordan or that its capital is believed to have been mentioned in the Bible?

A couple of days will not be enough if you want to see some of the famous landmarks, but then again, if you have a plan your visit doesn’t have to be that overwhelming. That is exactly what this Jordan travel brochure will provide – a material to build upon and create your own itinerary.

Make sure to visit the Shop again since new brochures about other parts of the world are coming up soon. Have fun.


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