Some of the most interesting things to see in Singapore are fauna and flora, besides the skyscrapers of course. There are all sorts of tropical plants here due to the warm and humid climate. The city is renowned for its field of orchids.

Things to see in Singapore

Visit the National Orchid Garden

Things to See in Singapore

Proud of their natural resources, people from Singapore turned vast portions of land into gardens. Botanic gardens stretch along 52 hectares of land, not that far from the city center, housing some of the extremely rare species. Among others, there are the National Orchid Garden, the Ginger Garden, and the Evolution Garden.

I was at the National Orchid Garden when such rain poured down, that there was no use in holding an umbrella! Luckily, institutions like this usually offer raincoats due to the peculiar weather, and you will get a small bag for your umbrella when coming inside, so as not to leave a wet trail behind in a cafe or gallery.


THINGS TO SEE IN SINGAPORE: Various orchid species

Even though it was pouring like crazy, it was still warm and pleasant. So, pay attention to the clothes you are wearing, your shoes in particular. Try not to put on anything that will stay wet and won’t dry quickly, because it would make your touring around unbearable. It is not your intention, I am sure, to run back to your hotel on the other side of the city every hour or so, in order to change.


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Singapore Orchid Garden

The National Orchid Garden is one of a kind either due to specialists interested in new hybrids or curious visitors who can’t seem to stop admiring harmonious colors and shapes only nature can create. It is thus deservedly on the list of things to see in Singapore.


Walking trail through the Garden

There is a walking trail through the garden, among small pieces of land dedicated to specific species, all marked and neat, until you come to the summer house where you will find all the info about hybrids and plants. There is the so-called VIP Orchid Garden, reminding you that all the orchid species and botanic gardens are there to promote good relations and diversity of nations.


The Singapore national flower

The garden that was established in 1957 is home to various species and every one of them is named after a famous public figure from around the world. You will find orchids named after Princess Diana or Nelson Mandela.Β Being rewarded numerous times, the garden is deservedly one of the things to see in Singapore.

Vanda Miss Joaquim

There is also a species that represents the Singapore national flower since 1981. It was named after Agnes Joaquim who bred this orchid and thus called Vanda Miss Joaquim. This is the flower that was described by the first director of the Botanic Gardens of Singapore in 1893 which was the first written description of a Singapore orchid.

Things to see in Singapore

Lavish Nature: A small pond in Jurong Bird Park

The Garden also houses a lot of tropical plants and ferns, nicely accompanied by wooden eaves, small bridges, and fountains. You will also find the Orchidarium, a simulation of the natural orchid habitats in lowland rain forests all around the world.

This really is an interesting place to visit, especially for a traveler from the Old Continent. At the small gallery at the entrance, it is possible to buy a pendant with a small orchid inside, wrapped in resin or silicone. Simple and nice souvenirs from this part of the world.

Singapore Birds

Singapore is not only interesting because of its fauna, but it will show off such a range of bird species that you might find, you guessed it – in a separate park.

Singapore Birds

THINGS TO SEE IN SINGAPORE: Beautiful creatures of nature

The one I visited was Jurong Bird Park (which was eventually moved)Β with more than 9,000 birds, about 600 species, which will certainly make you admire their different colors and sizes. Visits to the park usually start with a performance where a parrot welcomes you in three languages (English, Malay, and Chinese), an albatross saunters around, and a cockatoo flies in circles above your head.


Small train in the Jurong Bird Park

The park was divided into various parts making it easier for visitors to see the species they are interested in, being either African birds, predators, white, red, and orange flamingos, pelicans, swans, or penguins.


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Over the Forest

You could go around the park on foot and rest on numerous benches along the way (glancing at herons that don’t seem to have any interest in you), or take the small train that rides above lush vegetation and ponds. Although it might seem that the train would stick out of the scenery, you don’t even notice it, not until it passes right above your head, but still in a non-intruding way.

Here, there are no birds locked up in cages, they all have enough space to walk or fly.

Singapore Bird Park

THINGS TO SEE IN SINGAPORE: A bird-watching bridge

There is an area for small parrots built in such a manner that you walk over the hanging bridge, way above the small forest. While strolling over to the other side there will be birds flying out of those trees right next to you and descending down again, making a specific noise. This is a genuine experience and deserves to be among the things to see in Singapore.

Don’t be surprised if you come across a group of Indians who would like to take a picture with you. But, just like the people of Singapore, tourists here are pleasant as well. So why not – put your best smile on and say “cheese”.

The Most Dangerous

There was an interesting cage I came across, just like the one I remember seeing in most of the zoos in other parts of the world. It was large, empty, with the inscription saying: “The most dangerous creature in the world – homo sapiens!”


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  • 02/06/2017

    Wow, I’ve had layovers in Singapore before, but never had a chance to explore like this. Even Chagi airport is impressive. And I’ve never seen a flamingo in real life before.

  • Siddhartha Joshi


    How come I missed National Orchid Garden on my Singapore trips! Damn…I need to visit the country again now. Since I have family living there, I could just pretend to visit them while the real motive would be to explore these gorgeous orchids πŸ™‚

  • 02/06/2017

    What a fascinating place! I would love to visit Singapore, it’s super high on my list. This place looks beautiful to photograph. I just love orchids!

  • 02/06/2017

    There is nothing like checking out a garden in a city whilst hitting the road. My favourite is in Hong Kong but would love to check out this park in Singapore (haven’t been there yet). Great post and loving the photos.

  • 02/06/2017

    Singapore is on my list to visit. Your pictures truly captured some of the beauty that it offers.

  • Rahul Khurana


    The place looks so lush green and wet. I would definitely want to visit the bird sanctuary and the vegetation. It would be a great learning experience to know about it all. Also, I loved the mention about homo sapiens, it’s so true. πŸ™‚

  • 02/06/2017

    Those orchids are beautiful! I’ve never seen orchids like the ones in the left and right image.

  • Skyring


    I remember that garden! I was kind of orchided out for a while afterwards. The train sounds like fun; it’s always good to have a different perspective on things, and seeing trees from their own level is like squatting down to talk with a child. One learns so much!

  • halefg


    I grew up next door in Indonesia and have been to the Orchid Garden many times. Thanks for sharing – those are beautiful pictures. Everytime I go there, I will need a long indoor AC moment after each visit, because Singapore is so damn hot!!

    Travel safe!

    the Round The World Guys

  • 05/06/2017

    i visited singapore and the orchid garden last year – you have done a great job describing it – and your photos are lovely!


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