Zakynthos Things to do

Navagio Beach view

This time, I am writing about Zakynthos Things to do. This is one of the Ionian islands I enjoyed touring around since it is not that big and is abundant in white cliffs typical for the best Ionian islands, with stunning views and gorgeous sea color. There is also a peculiar thing you can’t see […]

Landmarks of Corfu Island in Greece

Arial view of Corfu town

I am writing this post about Corfu island in Greece right after I came back. If you love Italy and gladly travel to Greece, expect lovely beaches but also something new to see and try, Corfu island in Greece is the perfect place. And yes, this is not just another summer resort in Greece. And […]

Top Venice Attractions

Grand Canal

The post about Venice attractions is finally live after it slowly cooked in my head for months. That is probably why the famous tourist attractions of Venice became even more romantic in my memory which is understandable given how the town itself is an impossible endeavor built in seemingly impossible conditions and adorned with an […]

Orvieto Things to do

View of Orvieto Umbria

Orvieto Things to do is all about this small town in the central Italian region of Umbria. Whether you come for a day or a few, you won’t regret visiting. This is how one imagines typical Italian hilltop villages with a church or castle dominating a network of quaint rooftops.   View this post on […]

Things to do in Umbria

Assisi view Glimpses of the World

“Things to do in Umbria” is the post that will take you to the central Italian region best known for its Etruscan legacy. The civilization that thrived in these parts since the 9th century BC was huge even before the idea of ancient Rome came to life. And just imagine visiting some of the olden […]

Florence Things to do

Florence Things to do

„Firenca znamenitosti“ je putopis koji će vam pomoći da napravite uži spisak onoga što treba da vidite u ovom italijanskom mestu. Ipak je ovo glavni grad Toskane, i sama sam razmišljala kako ću sve da stignem da obiđem za kratko vreme. Grad je sav u istorijskim i umetničkim atrakcijama, a ulice su krcate turistima. Ovde […]

Things to do in Livorno

New Venice canals

Things to do in Livorno will help you see this Italian town the way I managed to visit it. A lot of people don’t know much about the city but what if I tell you that it was founded by the Medici family in the 16th century and is widely known as the „Tuscan Venice“? […]

Pisa – Leaning Tower and More

Pisa Leaning Tower

Pisa Leaning Tower is a landmark people from all over the world come to see. Even though the city is best known for its famous tower, Pisa houses more than 20 historical churches, a few medieval palaces, and important bridges over the river Arno. The place is abundant with architectural charm with a few popular […]

West Serbia Tourist Attractions

Serbia Tourist Attractions

The time has come for another trip and another West Serbia Tourist Attractions post. This time though, we visited three locations – Užice, Zlatibor, Prijepolje, and all those points of interest these places have to offer. The group that went around west Serbia previously stayed the same (more about our last journey is to be […]

Things to do in Lucca Italy

Things to do in Lucca Italy

Chances are that you haven’t even heard about this town let alone about any things to do in Lucca Italy. Still, if you happen to travel to central Italy or the province of Tuscany, try not to miss it. I didn’t know much about Lucca before coming here either – and then I took a […]

Things to do in Cinque Terre

Vernazza Italy Glimpses of the World

Things to do in Cinque Terre are not typically Italian – there are no museums and famous artwork. Still, this is one of the most popular destinations in the country and quite reachable. You just need to know when and how to come. If you are in a broad “neighborhood” – in Tuscany, Veneto, or […]

Tuscany Beaches

Tuscany Beaches

Tuscany Beaches is not a typical title one would expect when it comes to this Italian province. It’s best known for its extraordinary architectural and artistic achievements. Let me just remind you that Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci used to live and work here and that towns such as Florence and Pisa are situated in […]

Best places in Tuscany

Places in Tuscany

Here are some places in Tuscany that one can’t miss. We all know that this Italian province is abundant in specific landscapes and vineyards where important towns remain strong throughout centuries but given that I went to visit during summer, I found out that one can head out to Tuscany for a summer vacation as well. […]

Places to see in Italy

Italy Attractions

Places to see in Italy are numerous. That is why there will be lots of posts from various parts of the country for you to choose from. As soon as the new post is live, it will be posted below separately. If you don’t want to miss any of the posts from Italy, the best […]

West Serbia: Places to visit

Travel bloggers Kablar viewpoint

This post is titled West Serbia, Places to Visit even though this is only half of the tour I’m planning to do. This time we traveled from Čačak, via Guča, Arilje, Ivanjica, to Požega and Kosjerić, and I didn’t go alone. I had an opportunity to visit west Serbia more than once and I am […]