Here are a few things to do in Sentosa, a lovely small island in Singapore that you should visit for beaches and greenery.

This oasis of nature is an island people from Singapore escape to during weekends to swim, lie on the beach, or walk along well-organized forest treks.


The Sentosa station

The name of the island is Sentosa and is available to all the citizens of this city-state and tourists alike, representing a genuine resort and hideaway from bustle, crowds, and traffic. (Nevertheless, this is a story about Sentosa as it once was, years ago, since a lot has been built in the meantime just like the skyline of Singapore is no longer the same. The city is changing constantly.)

Is Sentosa Singapore Worth Visiting

The first impression is by far the mode of transport that will take you to this island. Singapore was once again full of inspiration and constructed a cable car that rides from the mainland to Sentosa.

Things to do in Sentosa

A cable car cabin for special occasions

There was enough room for four people in a cabin. Regardless of the fact that you might have experienced taking a ride in a cable car earlier, this one is more than amusing. A tottering cabin will start its journey from the high station and begin to descend.


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There are two stations before reaching Sentosa, and you will have a great view of Singapore city from up there. It was raining while I was there, but still, the view was stunning! This is why taking a ride is one of the things to do in Sentosa.

You can also make a reservation for a special occasion cabin that includes a candlelight dinner high above Singapore.

Things to do in Sentosa

Sentosa island attractions

THINGS TO DO IN SENTOSA: Enjoy the great view

Not only can you engage in various water sports on the island, but you will also be able to visit a huge statue of Merlion Singapore.

There was an elevator going all the way up into the Merlion’s head. And there, from its jaws, there was a breathtaking view of the city where tourists were trying to take pictures. Going down through the statue, kids were putting coins into a machine, shaped like another lion’s head, and got small toys out of it.

There was also a short movie about the city, its name, and the legendary encounter between the prince and the lion on the island’s shores as we mentioned earlier.

How do You Spend a Day on Sentosa Island

Things to do in Sentosa

Performance on the beach

There are a few things to do in Sentosa that will make your day full.

As a nature reserve, it is famous for its Insects Park where you can hold a palm-sized bug – if you are into that kind of “amusement”. There is also Butterfly Park and when I was there for the first time in 2008, the latest technology was incorporated into this natural surroundings. There was a show on the beach, a fairy-tale story displayed through water squirts, carefully arranged, with special reflections of moving pictures, and you get an impression that mermaids from the story were dancing, singing, and laughing.

Sentosa island Singapore

THINGS TO DO IN SENTOSA: See the aquarium

There is probably some other “latest marvel” to admire in Sentosa nowadays.

I should mention that there was a 4D cinema in Sentosa decades ago where I saw this kind of projection for the first time ever. It was a nice little experience with trembling seats, drops of water, and air streams, while bees were threatening to fly out of the screen right into my face. The kids around me were thrilled, but I have to admit that I had such a nice time too, thank you for asking.

What is so Special About Sentosa Singapore

My favorite part of the island and one of the things to do in Sentosa was the Underwater World, the biggest I have seen thus far.

What is so special about Sentosa Singapore

THINGS TO DO IN SINGAPORE: See the beautiful sea dragons

Inside the Underwater World, there were activities like swimming with dolphins in a lagoon or walking next to rays in shallow waters, but also a huge aquarium.

There was a passageway with a low ceiling that seemed like it was built of mud which gave an impression of walking through a sort of a cave. But then, there were small “windows” all around, narrow corridors with crabs, sea horses, sea dragons, fish, anemones, and jellyfish. (I am not sure how much time I spent here, staring at beautiful jellyfish and sea dragons!)

Sentosa island attractions

Such an elegant creature

And then, there was a tunnel-like corridor that curved to the right so that you couldn’t see where it ends. The walkway was 83 meters long and it took us through the tunnel of the aquarium with fish all around. Behind the glass, there were sharks swimming, rays, huge fish, and small ones in so many colors.

While the lane was moving slowly, it was even possible to count all the shark’s teeth while it was resting above our heads, leaning on the glass walls when passing by. If you are into the underwater world, you will certainly love this park, being so close to fish – without even getting wet.


THINGS TO DO IN SENTOSA: Beware of crabs

And so, my story about Singapore as it once was, is coming to an end. I am so excited about the fact that this city-state is never the same and that the next time I go, I will be astonished by the latest technology and the newest skyscrapers once again.

The city is certainly a lot more than “just another layover”!

The End

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Things to do in Sentosa



  • Flo


    Sentosa is a fascinating day trip destination! I haven’t been there in many years but I have fond memories of Sentosa – Singapore is definitely shaping up to be more than just a layover spot now!

  • 13/06/2017

    ‘Crabs marching by’. You don’t see a sign like that every day.

  • 13/06/2017

    Singapore and Sentosa are definitely unique places! I went last year and ended up taking the monorail over to Sentosa and spent the day at Universal Studios. Singapore is definitely more than just a layover, though the airport is pretty impressive! Haha.

  • kay


    I would LOVE to visit Singapore! That cable car looks…. crazy! In a fun way!

  • 16/06/2017

    A palm sized bug? Yeah no thanks! Sounds like a cool island to escape to. I love that you arrived by cΓ’ble car! Is that the way to get there?

  • Milijana


    The candle light dinner above Singapore sounds like a dream! And the Underwater Tunnel looks like another dream. Wonderful!

  • bruceschinkel19


    This looks like a super fun experience. I totally agree that it’s often fun, but a little sad when we return to places that have been changed or “upgraded” since our last visit.


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