Cuban rum: Things to know

Cocktails in Cuba

Cuban rum has been popular since the 1500s. The one pirates loved and drank a lot is not the same as the one we can buy. (And I didn’t know anything about Cuban rum before I came to the country.) That ancient one was bitter and with a high percentage of alcohol. Still, pirates did […]

Hemingway in Cuba

Hemingway in Cuba

You can’t really come to Havana without tracing the path of Ernest Hemingway in Cuba. The great American author fell in love with the island during his first visit in 1932 and was initially attracted by the fishing he enjoyed so much. But it wasn’t until 1939 that he decided to move here. He bought […]

Transportation in Cuba: Driving in a sidecar

Cuba Havana

I wanted to write a few tips on things to do in Havana first, but I just couldn’t wait to tell you about my lovely tour around the city and the transportation in Cuba in general. So, we will start with a sidecar motorcycle. And Hemingway. And some colorful street art… You don’t think that […]

Cuba Interesting facts

Cuba Interesting facts

First, we will cover some of the Cuba Interesting Facts that one should know before traveling here. Right now, I’m sitting at a local cafe in Belgrade, Serbia, sipping lemonade, and, conveniently enough, they are playing a song from the Buena Vista Social Club. My memories from Cuba immediately rushed in. And let me tell […]

It’s Cuba vacation time


Cuba Vacation   It’s Cuba vacation time whenever you need a bright sunshine, blue skies, turquoise waters, and a beach cocktail with the sound of salsa in the background. Welcome to the special travel series dedicated to my first Cuba vacation. This travelogue will help you immerse into the charming streets of Havana, stroll around the traditional […]

How I found Van Gogh in Arles

Starry Night Over the Rhone painting

There was another stop to do in France, I just had to find Van Gogh in Arles. It was not that far from the French Riviera, and I figured that I did cool down a bit hopping from one place on the coast to the next since it was that year when this part of […]

The lovely French Riviera towns


Although not as popular as their neighbors Nice, Cannes, or Monaco, small French Riviera towns along the Côte d’Azur are the true reflection of French charm. Beaches are more pleasant, clean, and less crowded, streets seem prettier, and you can even meet a local at the cafe (not just tourists) and have a glass of […]

Things to do in French Riviera

Cannes harbor Glimpses-of-the-World

When it comes to things to do in French Riviera, I came prepared. I already knew a lot about Côte d’Azur, reading about the famous names on its beaches, exclusive resorts, and Hollywood stars who once got wet in the shallow waters of Cannes, Nice, Saint-Tropez, about Princess Grace and Picasso’s retreat. So now, I […]

Giverny Monet house


Welcome to Normandy, a French province in the north full of greenery, good cheese, and wine that also houses a few towns not to be missed along with Giverny Monet house. It takes a two-hour train ride from Paris to get to the town that became popular as the place where Joan of Arc was […]