When traveling to European countries, I often go as I would if strolling the streets of my own home town, since nothing is that far, the flights are not long, don’t have to carry a lot of luggage etc. (That is the advantage of living in Serbia – it will take you somewhat more then two and a half hours to fly to Istanbul, and about the same to go to Lisbon.) Also, even though I have never been to the place (I mean… come on, it’s Europe, right?), have never booked an agency to check in with at the airport in order to drive me to the hotel (as I did when traveled to Bali or Cuba), but rather took a bus or other public transportation which was, of course, well scheduled, fast and clean.


Busy Catalunya Square

And so, couldn’t wait to travel to Barcelona, having planning it for months! Took the bus from the airport to the center of the city and decided to walk towards the hotel. It shouldn’t be far, only two or three metro stations from the bus stop. It was a pleasant evening, streets becoming more and more crowded, the lights went on showing all the beauty of the city’s architecture.

Took my small suitcase, pulled up the collar of my jacket and put my (not that) high heels in motion. There, on the right, the famous La Rambla Street. “Oh, have to come here tomorrow”, I thought. Went around the vast square.

“Look at that building, its roof! Have to check what that is… Should buy a book on what to see in Barcelona, tonight… Could it be, my first Antoni Gaudi building, there, on the other side of the street?! This is definitely a ‘must-see’ in Barcelona! Okay, keep it calm, don’t have to see it all tonight, will have enough time”, that is what was going through my head while walking up the vast boulevard.


Gothic building with ceramic tile roof

At one point, I have noticed it was warm. I probably overdressed, it was late November and I was expecting lower temperatures. And this boulevard was so long! One more block and I should turn left towards the hotel. Was walking and walking, dragging that small suitcase of mine upwards and at some point, it even became heavy. I mean, the hotel should be “right after the next corner”. Well where is that “corner”?…

And so, after another – hour or so, have finally reached the hotel. It took more time then I have expected. Love to walk normally, but this seemed to be a bit exhausting. Must have been tired, the flight and all…

Well sure, but that wasn’t the only reason. Stay tuned for more…


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  • Skyring


    Love Barcelona. You were taking photographs as well as dragging your suitcase; thanks! Keep ’em coming!

  • 10/03/2017

    Do people speak Catalan more than Spanish there?

      • 11/03/2017

        Hah! That was my thought too. Hard for me to tell the difference, certainly not in speech, maybe in print.

        But there are certainly a great number of Catalan flags visible in Barcelona.

  • 25/04/2017

    Haha yeah the suitcase in the staircase… classic for the north of Paris too 😀
    Are you still in Barcelona? Let me know if you want a photographer while you are in Barcelona I can help you out with that to get those awesome shots for the blog 🙂

  • 26/04/2017

    I think walking is the best way to see the city! Though I admit, I have had an experience or two like yours! It can be quite tiring but what a good memory!


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