Back from Figueres, time to look for that Picasso Museum in Barcelona, but also to chase the landmarks of the city which were actually the legacy of the great artist Joan Miro.

Already knew that Picasso Museum was in Montcada Street in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. Prepared myself for waiting in line to get in. (If only I could add up and use all those hours I spent in Barcelona in front of the places I wanted to see…) Anyway, it wasn’t that hard to wait, of course, looking around to those dark bricks and reading about the place.


Picasso Museum Barcelona

Picasso’s artwork was originally hosted by the Museum of Modern Arts, but since there were so many, there was a need for opening another exhibition area. Should I mention that the building of the Museum itself has a certain historic value!

One other artist left his mark on this Catalan city. When ever I glance at a poster I have bought in Miro’s museum, the first thing that comes to my mind is Barcelona. Fundacio Joan Miro is worth a visit, it is located on Montjuic hill (and be prepared to queue up and wait to go in). If you were planning to stroll around this famous hill, don’t miss out on the museum. It is somewhat exhausting to do it all in one day, but it’s well worth it. Even if your legs hurt in the evening, and you are not sure how you will ever get to the hotel… (Will tell you about it next time!)


La dona i l’ocell by Joan Miro

Anyway, some of Miro’s most beautiful pieces can be seen here, at the Joan Miro Foundation.

Still, Miro is hard to be missed when in Barcelona. Pay attention at the airport, there is his famous mural in one of the passages. Also, one of his most peculiar works is in the Placa del Escorxador, a monolith called La dona i l’ocell (lady and bird). There is also the floor mosaic in the Pla de la Boqueria in La Rambla Street, watch your step there!

It was funny afterwards just to say that I have “walked over” Miro. Even though I wouldn’t normally!


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