I was so excited that the time had come for me to visit Montjuic Barcelona. After a few days of rushing around the city, this was another tourist attraction I wasn’t going to miss. This time, I decided to start my day at the famous Barcelona beach.

It was late November, not the swimming season but sunny and breezy – just perfect for a walk.

Barcelona Spain

The pleasant beach of Barcelona

I went strolling once again down La Rambla (you can never get tired of this street), bought another one of those fresh juices at La Boqueria Market, and walked down to the seaside.

Do you know that feeling when everybody around you rushes to work, checking their watches, waving for taxis, or honking car horns, while you just take a calming stroll with juice in your hand excited about things you are going to see that day? That was me that morning.

I heard a few of those Hola Chiquita along the way and gave myself 15 minutes or so to enjoy a view of the sea.

Montjuic Barcelona

A view of the Marina

I had a big day ahead of me, a lot of walking to do even though I was still in my small heels and with a heavy camera around my neck.

Montjuic Barcelona

Views, Castles, and Palaces

I took the Funicular, the cable cable to go up the famous hill. This was Montjuic Barcelona. And you will have a nice view of the Barcelona marina right from the terrace. I didn’t have enough time for all the gardens I read about but went strolling around the castle of the Military History Museum. This is an imposing huge building with strong walls and an arched bridge.

Montjuic Barcelona

The Pallaceta Albeniz tower

Not far from here, there is the charming Pallaceta Albeniz with a lovely fountain in the courtyard. It is the residence of the Spanish Royal family on their visits to Barcelona.


MONTJUIC BARCELONA: Palau Nacional with a lovely fountain

There is also Palau Nacional with an enormous hall in the central area and one of the largest organs in Europe.

Museu d’Art Catalunya is situated in this ravishing building.

Poble Espanyol Barcelona

Nevertheless, I was most excited about something else that I longed to see in Montjuic Barcelona the popular Poble Espanyol (Spanish Town). It was built in 1929 for the World Exhibition as a unique project of the full-sized 117 replica buildings showcasing different architectural styles of all of Spain. It is a genuine architectural museum!


Huge gate and arches of Poble Espanyol

Most buildings are hosting restaurants and arts centers. Placa Major is created with buildings designed in Aragon, Burgos, Navarra, Catalonia, Soria, and Castilla styles, with the Valderobres Town Hall dominating the street.

One of the highlights is Tablao de Carmen, a typical Andalusian tablao (dance floor) offering flamenco shows. Nightclubs often stay open after the rest of the village closes. The main square hosts summer outdoor concerts, but the village also houses various festivals and performances.

I just clapped my hands in excitement when remembered my plans for the flamenco show tomorrow night. It wasn’t going to be here but at the theater in La Rambla, and I couldn’t wait.

Montjuic Barcelona: White Arches

I was a bit tired, since I was already walking for hours. It all seems close to the hill of Montjuic Barcelona. Well, it’s not, not really. But still, look at this village!


Steps of Santiago and the bell-tower of Utebo

There were Steps of Santiago surrounded by a group of Galician houses. Caballeros Street, evoking Castillan villages, goes from the other side of the square, and from Arco de Maya another street that recalls Navarran Basque architecture.

That arch was so charming, that I didn’t know where to look first.



In the Aragonese Square, there is the bell tower of Utebo, and then the Andalusian and Catalonian districts begin. Valencia and Murcia are represented around Levante Street. Outside the walls of the village in Montjuic Barcelona, there is a Romanic Monastery and a church in the style of Catalonian Pyrenees, etc.

Now I could say that I have seen the whole of Spain, at least its architecture – without even leaving Barcelona. What an interesting thought!

But let me tell you – just strolling around those narrow alleys in Arcos Street made me even more impatient to visit the southern province of Spain Al Andalus. (I did just that a couple of years later. You can now read the whole Andalusia Series on the blog as well.)


Numerous restaurants in the Poble

My plan for this day now seemed a bit overwhelming. This was the perfect place to have a break and sit for tapas or a glass of sangria. Just looking around from one of the balconies of the local restaurants was mesmerizing.

Love these moments when I travel!

Montjuic Barcelona: A Lot to See

And so, let’s resume the day so far. I had a great morning, saw beautiful views, and lots of charming gardens and buildings, and was having lunch in the Poble Espanyol restaurant. I had a couple of hours left to wrap up my Montjuic Barcelona day and preferably walk back to the hotel. Just enough time, I thought.

Should I mention that I planned also to see the Joan Miro’s Museum that afternoon?


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I mentioned already that I was queuing to see Miro in Barcelona for an hour, waiting to get in, and it took another hour to rush through the exhibition since closing time was approaching. An ambitious plan for the day, indeed. My feet did hurt. And I was a bit surprised by it, to be honest, given how I love walking and how often I do walk back home. (Not a smart choice of shoes perhaps?)


MONTJUIC BARCELONA: Arches towards Placa Major

Anyway, it seemed that there was no way to walk back to the hotel. I was on my feet for 12 hours or so, except for those short breaks at the beach and Montjuic Barcelona restaurant. I wasn’t even able to go out that night… Just walked slowly to the subway and smiled widely when finally reached the hotel.


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  • 22/03/2017

    I’ve been to Barcelona and really loved it. There’s so much to see and do and yes, I imagine these little villages like Poble that are so beautiful to get lost in. Nice photos!

  • 22/03/2017

    What a rich day you had! I’ve done something similar, start in Las Rambla, walk down to the sea, up to the castle, then down through the art district. Amazing architecture at every turn. Had a fabulous time, and I see you did too!

    Thanks for the photos. You have a keen eye.

  • 22/03/2017

    Beautiful! I’ve been to Spain last year – Barcelona and a day trip to Montserrat and it was one of our best trips ever! The food was great and architecture really charming!

  • 23/03/2017

    Wow! Barcelona is my love! I spent there wonderful days. Thank You!

  • Tony (tonyandkimoutdooradventures)


    We loved Barcelona, but didn’t get enough time to really explore everything.We didn’t get to see Santiago or Placa Major. But raced around and saw La Sagrada Famila, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà, La Monumental and Montijuic, tour of Park Güell, watched the sunset at Turo dela Rovira viewpoint and
    took in a Tablao Cordobes Flamenco Show. We are already trying to head back there this year. You now pointed out some more stops to pencil in.

  • 25/03/2017

    Not surprised your feet hurt! I’m lucky to have been to Barcelona a few times, it really is a beautiful city, I just wish the people were a bit nicer. If you do get to Andalucia, you will notice the difference. Hope your feet have recovered!

  • travelerettenyc


    I loved Barcelona and this certainly sounds like a full day there! I went to Montjuic, but I didn’t get to see the Spanish Village. It sounds really interesting. I’ll check it out on my next trip to Barcelona.

  • 27/03/2017

    Heard and read a lot about Barcelona and how it is a must visit city in Spain. You had a super awesome day there. I feel there’s a lot to learn from the history of the place. Would love to visit Spain sometime.


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