One more thing I forgot to mention when it comes to first impressions… It was easy to find the hotel when I arrived in Lisbon, which was not far from Praca do Rossio. The building was charming, even though old and somewhat “neglected”. Lovely walk (upwards though) towards Largo do Chiado with that thrilling feeling of finally coming to the city. (Didn’t even feel the pain after that “crashing” into the lamppost, luckily! More about it in the first Glimpse of Lisbon.)

Right there in the neighborhood, I have seen the statue of the famous poet Fernando Pesoa and that popular spot for Lisbon intellectuals – Café A Brasileira. (Read more in one of the follow-ups!)


The square in front of Brasileira Cafe

Loved the square and the whole charming surroundings and was very happy that the hotel is located here. The corridor leading to the room was dark and narrow. It was a bit “ancient”, with some old furniture, squeaky closet doors and creaking floor, there was even a scent of humidity you often come across in the city. But the bathroom looked renovated, in good condition, almost new, and bed sheets were clean and spotless. What more could one possibly need, while being excited at the same time for sleeping in one of the oldest and best known hotels in Lisbon!

That first evening was really pleasant – took a walk around the neighborhood, had some lite dinner and then just unpacked my small lady-like suitcase and forced myself to go to sleep early (since I was too excited to even think about sleeping!). Wanted to cruise the city on foot tomorrow and visit Vasco da Gama resting place (told you about that already), but also to enjoy getting lost in those steep, narrow Lisbon streets, couldn’t wait!


View of Tagus with street lanterns along the way

Woke up numerous times during that first night, couldn’t wait for dawn to break. So, got up early (obviously), went to open that huge window in my room before getting ready for breakfast. Opened the window and there was one big lantern next to it. I have leaned to glance outside… And what a beautiful sight that was for the fresh first morning in the city! Narrow street was going down, lanterns being lined up in neat order, and down there – there was the river Tagus!

Just sighed, smiled and heard myself whispering: “Welcome to Lisbon!”


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  • 02/04/2017

    Lisbon seems amazing. Is it your first time here? It looks incredible! I always wanted to come here but did not have time. Maybe next time. Thanks for sharing

  • mytravelmoment


    I love Lisboa! Such a cool city to visit 🙂
    There you can feel the culture around you.
    Thank’s for your post!

  • 06/04/2017

    I’ve booked a trip to Lisbon in May! Can you recommend a good place to eat/hang out in? And if you know of any nearby beaches that aren’t too touristy? 🙂

  • 06/04/2017

    Lisbon is really great. I only been there once and most of the time i took the sightseeing bus to go around the city and get a glimpse of Lisbon. I love the city very much and would love to come again in the future.

  • sophie


    Lisbon is simply amazing! and it looks more beautiful from your camera lens. i must say that you have explored it so nicely on your first time there. because it is actually very difficult to explore this nicely on first trip! Keep it up! and thanks for sharing this writeup! Cheers 🙂


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