Where to Hear Fado in Lisbon


Updated May 2024 Listening to Fado in Lisbon is a special treat. Once again, as I did in Barcelona with flamenco, I left the Fado show for my last day in Lisbon. I did know a few things about Fado, I heard a few songs but was surprised how frequent it was in the city.  […]

Historical Sites in Lisbon Portugal


Updated May 2024 Being a history buff, I loved visiting the historical sites in Lisbon Portugal. I wanted to write the Lisbon travel series chronologically as I often do after returning from my journeys but it was impossible here. Every plan I had for the particular day – to visit this and that and leave […]

Saramago Museum Lisbon

Updated May 2024 The time has come for my visit to the Saramago Museum Lisbon. A few days have passed since I have come to the city. I didn’t even notice it. I had a feeling of having been walking for days. And I did, considering all that walking around Barcelona lengthwise and crosswise for […]

The Famous Alfama District in Lisbon

Updated May 2024 Alfama district in Lisbon is so charming. Although steep and narrow, its cobblestone streets are adorned with elegant mosaics of dark stone cuts. Mosaics and tiles are typical for this neighborhood. (What if I tell you that I also went into different metro stations to see the artwork on the walls? They […]

Lisbon City Center Stroll


Updated May 2024 I was thrilled by my quaint hotel in Lisbon city center not far from Praca do Rossio. This made such a difference when it came to sightseeing. Not only did I have a great view of Lisbon city center from my window I could also see the river and hear the city […]

Explorers of Portugal :: Must See in Lisbon


Updated May 2024 One of the things I was excited about when planning on coming to Lisbon were explorers of Portugal and history of discoveries in general. Famous explorers took off to the unknown seas and lands starting their journeys from Portugal and Spain. And there I was, in Lisbon where I could learn more […]

My Trip to Lisbon


Updated May 2024 Not only was it my first trip to Lisbon but the first day I spent in the city ever. And here is what happened – my first Lisbon experience! Needless to say, I was extremely excited to step onto those cobblestone streets. So I finally reached Lisbon. I wanted to see the […]

My Barcelona Lisbon Adventure

Barcelona-Park Guell

Sit back and enjoy reading about my Barcelona Lisbon travel adventure, since we will be visiting two of the most beautiful cities of the Old Continent. One is the capital of the northern region of Spain (Catalonia) and the other is the capital of Portugal. Barcelona and Lisbon, here we come! My Barcelona Lisbon Trip […]