West Serbia Tourist Attractions

Serbia Tourist Attractions

The time has come for another trip and another West Serbia Tourist Attractions post. This time though, we visited three locations – Užice, Zlatibor, Prijepolje, and all those points of interest these places have to offer. The group that went around west Serbia previously stayed the same (more about our last journey is to be […]

West Serbia: Places to visit

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This post is titled West Serbia, Places to Visit even though this is only half of the tour I’m planning to do. This time we traveled from Čačak, via Guča, Arilje, Ivanjica, to Požega and Kosjerić, and I didn’t go alone. I had an opportunity to visit west Serbia more than once and I am […]

What to see in Kragujevac

When it comes to what to see in Kragujevac Serbia, one often thinks of the Šumarice memorial park. Still, the city is so much more! That is why I am bringing you a different perspective of this former capital of Serbia, full of Art Nouveau buildings where one can learn about the 19th-century bourgeois lifestyle […]

Things to do in Novi Bečej


If you head over to the central Banat area of Vojvodina Serbia, here is a travelogue on things to do in Novi Bečej. Due to the current Coronavirus situation, those who are in Serbia, travel around the country a bit more. But they tend to visit popular places neglecting some incredible things to see and […]

What to see in Sjenica


Before we even begin our story on what to see in Sjenica Serbia, we just have to consider the local weather. When one visits at the beginning of spring, in the time of blooms and blossoms, this is where one probably comes across – heavy snow. Jadovnik mountain will still be white and the road […]

Things to do in Guča Serbia


There is almost no person interested in Serbia who didn’t hear about Guca and its Trumpet Festival. The same place allured me to visit the area, even though not “at the right time”. This small town is crowded in August, but there are also things to do in Guca Serbia that you can check out […]

Things to do in Čačak Serbia


My trip was just in time to see the blossoming trees, a perfect time for all those things to do in Cacak Serbia. It was easy to notice how the city becomes vibrant again with another cycle of nature. Lovely fresh flowers were a certain prelude to the rich historical heritage in the background. FROM […]

Slow adventure in Sokobanja


Do you know that you can go cycling on Ozren mountain, take the canoe in Bovan Lake, climb the old town of Sokograd and then get to the beach, that you can also grind your own flour and make buns, or to ride a quad bike with the view of Rtanj mountain? FROM BELGRADE: 230 […]

Active holiday on Tara mountain


One just has to admire the beautiful landscapes of Tara mountain when coming to West Serbia, but – do you know that there are ways to experience more, to get involved, and connect with that lavish nature? For all of you who are into an active holiday in Tara mountain, pay attention, because you are […]

What to see in Loznica


Here is what to see in Loznica Serbia. It so happened that I have come to Loznica from Kokin Brod, driving through thick fog and rain in Zlatibor, hoping it will stop after Uzice, but then sharp curves on Kadinjaca disappeared into the mist again. Driving along Drina river brought some relief, but it wasn’t […]

Visiting Arilje Serbia


Let me post about visiting Arilje Serbia because believe me, you will be surprised! The town is known for raspberries and local cotton, but it’s also home to caves, waterfalls, medieval fortresses, authentic frescoes, beaches and healing springs. Just keep reading and see for yourself what a journey this is going to be! FROM BELGRADE: […]

Things to do in Ivanjica


Next time you travel to Western Serbia, go a bit more to the south from Cacak town and stop by Ivanjica. And then just choose among all those things to do in Ivanjica Serbia, whether to see historical monuments, go Golija mountaineering, to visit 13th-century monasteries or caves and lakes. It’s all there in a […]

Things to do in Prijepolje


Here are things to do in Prijepolje Serbia. Whether you are interested in religious monuments, beautiful landscapes, or an adrenaline holiday, this is the place to be. There will be a lot of nice memories and surreal photographs to bring back home! FROM BELGRADE: about 290 km FROM NIS: about 300 km When one mentions […]

Visiting Šargan-Mokra Gora


There are a few more places around Uzice town in Western Serbia one should visit. If you keep driving towards Tara Mountain, you will reach the Nature Park Sargan-Mokra Gora, famous for Emir Kusturica’s village Drvengrad, the old train route, and the Serbian clairvoyant family. On the other side of the town, there is also […]

Požega-Užice, things to do


When you come to Western Serbia, the road will take you by Pozega and Uzice town. If you don’t want to miss ou ton things to do here, make sure to read the post first. Because I visited them both! FROM BELGRADE: 195 km to Uzice (Pozega to Uzice – about 20 km) FROM NIS: […]