Promised myself not to rush that afternoon, but to take nice stroll down Barcelona’s La Rambla Street. Charming pedestrian path that connects Placa de Catalunya to Christopher Columbus Monument at Port Vell. Recognized all those Barcelona landmarks from photos I have seen before I came here – flowers stand on one side, on the other street mimes amusing passers by. Here is the theater – went in to buy tickets for a flamenco show. Can wait to see it!


La Boqueria stand

Oh, La Boqueria! Smiled to myself, I am still excited like a kid in a toy store, where ever I look, I hear myself saying “oh!”. But, just look at those counters with fruits and juices! Oh (another one!), and how about that one with chocolate and sweets! Loved the bustle and murmur of the crowd going in and out, buying, smiling, chatting.

Found charming restaurant to try the famous paella right across the street. It was steaming from that vast dish when the waiter brought it to my table. “Glass of home wine maybe?”, he asked. Oh, sure (here’s another “oh”!), would love one! The meal was just delicious. I think I ate it all while being hot, couldn’t wait.


Strolling down La Rambla

Went outside again, strolling down the street. It is touristy, but still has that unique charm. A lot of different languages around you, interesting architecture on both sides. Always wanted to learn Spanish. They say it’s easy once you know Italian or French, and I did speak the latter…

Oh (I’ll stop, I promise!), the smell of waffles! There are street stands with waffles and a variety of tastes to add. I took mine with chocolate. Trying to eat it while still walking without getting any stains… Just remembered that there is some Spanish TV series back home with a lot of school girls and boys in it, saying a lot of those hola, chiquitas and hola, chicos. There, I know two or three words at least!

Hola, chiquita! Party tonight?”, heard behind my back, and had to burst into laughter! Waved to the guy, smiling, and, of course, poured that chocolate all over my fingers. Did he just come out of that TV series or what!


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  • 14/03/2017

    It’s been many years since I visited Barcelona but it is a beautiful city! Would love to return one day.

  • 14/03/2017

    The sound of the paella in La Boqueria is lovely. I can visualise it 🙂 I love eating in markets too. Apart from the fact that they do not rip my pockets off, I also like feeling like a local! x

  • Shane


    Barcelona was such an exciting city. Gorgeous architecture, vibrant culture and delicious cuisine… what more could you ask for?

  • eulandas


    La Boqueria is such a wonderful market. I’ve read that the city of Barcelona is trying to discourage tourism to the city because it’s over subscribed. It’s really difficult when you have gems like La Boqueria that keep beckoning return visits!

  • 15/03/2017

    I love La Boqueria too! Such a lovely atmosphere!


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