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The Mesmerizing Barcelona Flamenco

I had one more day to spend in the city and I wanted to dedicate it to a specific experience I was looking forward to – the lovely Barcelona flamenco.

I visited everything I was planning to thus far, and so, I was going to stop rushing around. The whole day ahead of me just to stroll and take more pictures. I could still catch myself thinking that I could see more things, but my feet were still aching. So, I did go to see a few more landmarks when trying to learn about the history of Barcelona city, but I didn’t walk there, I rather took a subway.

And my shoes were to blame definitely. They were a nice, cozy pair, the most comfortable I had. But still, the sole was too thin, it was too warm outside, and I spent lots of hours walking around the city. That was the reason I felt like walking barefoot most of the time.

Barcelona Flamenco
Theater in La Rambla

Anyway, I did a nice (and slow) tour and sat across Placa Catalunya for a coffee and a great piece of chocolate cake, soaking up the afternoon sun on the cafe terrace. I was getting ready for another great Barcelona experience given that the flamenco show I booked was going to start soon.

Barcelona Flamenco, Finally

The theater entrance was crowded. There was a band playing and a couple of dancers who appeared before the audience one after another. It’s such an amazing sound!

I always have an intense reaction when I hear a piece of traditional music from various parts of the world. That national feel to it makes it so impressive and sentimental that you just smile with excitement, not sure whether to shed a tear or laugh. I thought that this was the most emotional sound I ever heard! (I wasn’t aware of what was yet to come when experiencing the Lisbon fado.) I bought the band’s CD in the hall which I still have.

BARCELONA FLAMENCO: Waiting for the show to begin

And so, that was it, finishing my visit with the great Barcelona flamenco. I was flying the next day to Portugal. I enjoyed my (short) stroll to the hotel (still aching)… And then, the sign “Sale!” popped up in front of me. It was a shoe store, some Spanish brand I never heard of.

I went in, took a pair of leader ones (I nicknamed them “the flamenco shoes” ever since), and a pair of beige boots with (not that) high heels, checking their soles because they had to be slightly thicker. After all, the Lisbon cobblestone alleys await. I got to my hotel room, took off my old shoes, and threw them in the trash can.


The Full Barcelona Lisbon SERIES


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11 responses

  1. Lisbon is hilly and an amazing walking city. Good thing you found tow pair of shoes in Barcelona. Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. LOL – as a male runner, I always travel around with my running shoes on, so I can’t relate to your stories :). Even as a gay man, I don’t really care about heels (stereotype) – but glad that you finally figure out that not all shoes are created equal. I attended a few flamenco shows in Seville, and didn’t see any in Barcelona, but I assume that they are similar. You need to check out Fado in Portugal – a similar (folk singing) show that is supposed to be good for the souls!
    Travel safe (and comfortably)!!

    1. Hehehe, but you have to admit that the story has made you laugh. 😉 Oh, and fado… if flamenco made me ache, fado has made me “bleed”! Loved it in Lisbon. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Yes it really is a relief when you remove the shoes that have been troubling you and step into a new one. It has happened many a times when the shoes become more of a burden than a protection, Especially after extensive walking, if the shoes are not appropriate, it is really agonizing. I can understand how you felt getting the new ones!

    1. It was just a nice story. 😉 It so happened that I had to walk around Barcelona lengthwise and crosswise, and it didn’t come to me until the end of my visit that I should actually change those shoes. And when I did, just threw them in a trash can! 😀 Thanks!

  4. Ouch! Glad you found some better shoes. What a great experience that flamenco show was. I’m so excited to do that during my upcoming Spain trip.

    1. That was my first flamenco live, so you can just imagine my excitement! Was just stunned by the music. 🙂 You’ll have some great time, enjoy your trip!

  5. Finding a good pair for shoes for travel that is comfortable yet not bulky is has been a struggle for me. How easy is for non spanish speakers to navigate the metro system in barcelona? looks like you enjoyed the trip really well

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