Things to do in Piran

Piran Slovenia

You will be amazed by the things to do in Piran given that the Slovenia coastline is not large and one doesn’t expect to see that many sights in a small settlement like Piran. (At least I didn’t.) Of course, once you learn that this small town belonged to Italy until the mid-20th century, its […]

Things to do in Lake Bled

Lake Bled view

Here are the top things to do in Lake Bled. This location is among the best known in Slovenia and it had to be on my bucket list as well. Lake Bled will mesmerize you in any season since the water of the lake gets to be 25 degrees Celsius in summer and it often […]

The ultimate guide to Ljubljana

Ljubljanica river Slovenia Glimpses of the World

Here is the ultimate guide to Ljubljana especially if you don’t have much time. Slovenia is a small country and visitors tend to hop from one place to another having the opportunity to see most of its attractions in a week or so. That’s exactly what I did and that’s why I’m posting about the […]

Things to do in Slovenia

View of Bled Slovenia

When it comes to things to do in Slovenia, one has to have in mind that this is a small country in Central Europe that connects the Mediterranean coast and Julian Alps. That gives you the opportunity to go swimming and hiking on the same day. Hence, I enjoyed gorgeous views of Slovenia’s famous lakes, […]

Tourist Attractions in Slovenia

Bled island Slovenia

Here are some tourist attractions of Slovenia you just can’t miss when visiting the country (click on the posts below). And let me just say a thing or two before we begin. Slovenia is a small European country that provides access to the Alps but to the Adriatic Sea as well. If you are into […]

Places to Visit in Parga Greece

Parga seafront panorama

When it comes to places to visit in Parga Greece, I was more than pleasantly surprised. This town on the coast of the Ionian Sea is extremely charming with pretty beaches, a couple of interesting castles, but what I enjoyed the most were its Venetian architecture and the narrow allies. Here is what to see […]

Paxos to Antipaxos

Blue Caves of Paxos Island

It’s easy to get from Paxos to Antipaxos and to visit all the islands here once you arrive in this part of the Ionian coast of Greece. Emerald sea colors and white sandy beaches are accompanied here by charming villages and spectacular blue caves that can only be reached by boat. By the way, Paxos […]

Meteora Greece Monastery

St. Trinity Monastery Glimpses of the World

At least one Meteora Greece monastery should be on your bucket list when coming to the Thessaly region in central Greece. Not only that you will be able to see a genuine archeological site and walls that withstood centuries, but also a valley of giant rock pillars that is referred to as a natural phenomenon. […]

Ionian Coast Greece

Ionian architecture in Greece Glimpses of the World

Charming little towns with the Venetian heritage, colorful facades, lavish greenery, and some breathtaking beaches are the reason tourists flock to the Ionian coast of Greece. This part of the country is totally different than the rest of it. On the other hand, Ionian Islands are the most popular Greek islands after Cyclades and Crete. […]

Best Ionian Islands to Visit

Egremni Lefkada Glimpses of the World

Here are the best Ionian Islands to visit, even though the list doesn’t include all the seven largest ones of the archipelago. These three Ionian islands – Kefalonia, Lefkada, and Ithaca, are just close to one another and easy to visit during a reasonable amount of time. Local tours and Ionian islands ferry routes often […]

What to see in Kragujevac

When it comes to what to see in Kragujevac Serbia, one often thinks of the Šumarice memorial park. Still, the city is so much more! That is why I am bringing you a different perspective of this former capital of Serbia, full of Art Nouveau buildings where one can learn about the 19th-century bourgeois lifestyle […]

Things to do in Novi Bečej


If you head over to the central Banat area of Vojvodina Serbia, here is a travelogue on things to do in Novi Bečej. Due to the current Coronavirus situation, those who are in Serbia, travel around the country a bit more. But they tend to visit popular places neglecting some incredible things to see and […]

What to see in Sjenica


Before we even begin our story on what to see in Sjenica Serbia, we just have to consider the local weather. When one visits at the beginning of spring, in the time of blooms and blossoms, this is where one probably comes across – heavy snow. Jadovnik mountain will still be white and the road […]

Things to do in Guča Serbia


There is almost no person interested in Serbia who didn’t hear about Guca and its Trumpet Festival. The same place allured me to visit the area, even though not “at the right time”. This small town is crowded in August, but there are also things to do in Guca Serbia that you can check out […]

Things to do in Ronda


Here are things to do in Ronda Spain, the place often referred to as “the town on the cliff” where bullfighting originated from. When you travel to Andalusia, visiting Ronda is a must. If you ever admired its photos, you will be blown away by its steep gorge in person! RONDA SPAIN The place to […]